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Old, as in best classic, and best new. Relativistic effects, manipulative media, and then of course the war against the Taurans. I was 12 when I read that. Blew my young mind. Not sure if it really counts as SF but I voted for the Arisen series as the combat sequences which are most of the text are full on. The list needs to be edited to combine multiple entries from the same series e.

Just as an example, how many have read Hugo Gernsback? There are a lot of books that, unfortunately, have been neglected or forgotten. How could I forget the awesome Deathstalker series? I think they should have people give their top ten favorites and post the top ten and have votes on it. By far the best on this list! I feel like if it doesnt win its because you havent even picked that book up yet!

I Second that! I have been reading Sci-Fi since my teens and have read many of the series mentioned above. By far, the Legend of Zero drew me in like no other. I added a series which someone has started under a slightly different name. Something is screwy here. Not only is exforce by Craig Alanson kicking butt like it should, but someone also listed and enforce by Craig Alanson that has several votes.

The series is exforce…. I have no idea about adding to polls. Honor Harrington is created by David Weber. It is truly awesome military sci-fi. Stars at War series by Steve White. Came out as Iraq wars were kicking iff. Reminded me that peer vs peer battles are ones of attrition. The legionarie series got my soul But honestly RC Bray brings them all to life, so any sci space opera with Bray will be awesome. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Corey Starforce by b. Cherryh Bobiverse by Dennis E. Lots of cool tech.

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I second this reply. I agree. Alot of solos in that list Reply.

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Yep, Anspach an Cole work some serious magic with those books. Yes, monkeys… yes! Wont let me vote I vote for spinward fringe Reply. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Return to Book Page. This full length novel is written in what I consider to be the Old School Style. A book meant purely to entertain.

This was a work of love and will probably always be my favorite, no matter how many more I write. But possibly not. I may love the Prequels and Sequels even more. You may look for more Marc Deveroux around the beginning of the year. Thank you and enjoy. The thing I hated most about working for the government, any government, they all seemed to think alike, was that then they invariably thought that they owned you.

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Patriotism, duty and all those other words that meant they thought they were entitled to what was yours. All meaningless trite to a world-less vagabond like myself. My ship was my home and I needed no other. The war was over. We were, had been, part of the Federation forces which had unsuccessfully attempted to unify the four hundred and seventy-two known human worlds.

We had been smashed ruthlessly, to put mildly what had been a lost cause from the beginning. So I had not complained when everyone started signing peace treaties. The problem began when I informed my erstwhile employers that with hostilities ended, so too were my obligations. I had fulfilled to the letter our contract. I owed them nothing more. They had not agreed. Not only did they not feel as if I had not completely fulfilled my end of the bargain, but I was getting the distinct impression they would not be satisfied until they had added Last Chance herself to their now depleted arsenal.

I guess they felt, that with all the losses they had suffered, that Last Chance would be a welcome addition to their much depleted Navy. Some people are simply incapable of understanding. Especially people in positions of power, like governments, for example. I should have known these ungrateful hypocrites would try to back stab me, especially now that every planet was a law unto itself, only answerable to itself, and they angry at the defeat they had suffered.

They were quick at jumping on the bandwagon of self governance, now that no unifying government held sway. That was for sure. A first impression of Tanya Serensen would never give you the insightful depth that existed behind her innocent appearing, stunningly beautiful face. A very tough, unbreakable nutcase. Bren is a mathematical genius and quite able to compute our odds, no matter which decision I ultimately made, whether we fought or fled, against the three Class Four Katon Destroyers which were arrayed around us in a roughly triangular formation.

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Not that it took a mathematical genius to figure these odds. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published first published March 28th More Details Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Chronicles of a Space Mercenary , please sign up.

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