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Our students are encouraged to cultivate a global mindset, sharpen up their cross-cultural management skills as well as expand their professional network by making use of our double degree programs with 12 prestigious partner institutions. The successful completion of our double degree program will result in two degrees: one from Guanghua MBA and one from our partner school.

Our 12 double degree partner schools include:.

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After enrollment in Guanghua, MBA students can choose to apply to their interested partner schools, and upon successful admission by one of our partners, the students become double degree candidates. Usually, the first year will be spent in Guanghua and second year in our partner school, except for the Guanghua-ESADE double degree program.

Tuition will be paid to Guanghua during the first year, and to our partner school during the second year. For more information about our double degree programs, please visit here. For more information about our extensive offering of international exchange programs, please visit here.

Students from each campus have the opportunity to visit other branch campuses via organized study trips to visit local companies as well as to network with fellow business students and top industry professionals. Our campus boasts some of the leading facilities in China and across Asia — from Olympic sporting facilities to modern and comprehensive array of libraries to state-of-the-art computer labs and innovation hubs.

As an university-based business school with two main buildings in Peking University, both having access to free Wi-Fi, Guanghua School of Management has, and shares, some of the most advanced facilities and resources in the country:.

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The mission of the institute is to build a high-level platform for international communication and cross-cultural cooperation for the cultivation of political and business leaders for countries in the Belt and Road Initiative BRI. The institute will be an open platform for potential leaders to exchange their own development experiences and ideas, define key issues facing their countries and business, develop an in-depth understanding of the Chinese development model, as well as explore related opportunities and challenges.

For the past hundred years the Library has undergone various phases of its development, including the difficult years after its founding, the period of the New Culture Movement marked by a lively concurrence of thoughts and ideas, the tough ordeals during the days of the Southwest Associated Universities, and the fast developing stage made possible by the policy of opening to the world. All this has made the Library an age-old yet modern Chinese library with magnitude in every aspect, winning an international reputation as one of the most important and best managed libraries in the country.

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The very edifice of Peking University Library chronicles the dedication and pursuit of generations of its staff, its shape being the perennial embodiment of our dreams and wishes. The past hundred years will go down in history with our proud achievements, and the future years will prove that our visions and efforts will not turn futile. This is a logical extension of the current status which sees global electives made available on seven international campuses, including in Toronto, Tel Aviv and Beijing. The classes there are taught by local faculty with an unparalleled level of expertise in their respective subjects and regions.

But later on, the emphasis is on undertaking research, in line with approved academic methodologies, designed to resolve real-world business challenges and generate new ideas which can improve day-to-day management practice.

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Others prefer to focus on a management, regulatory or structural issue affecting productivity or efficiency within their particular organisation and sector. A clear objective is that their findings should lead to conclusions — and practical solutions — which can also have a wide-ranging impact. Therefore, if an initial proposal has promise but, overall, appears too narrow or company-specific, faculty supervisors will tactfully suggest an alternative focus or approach.

Unlike in a typical EMBA, much of the work of reviewing relevant literature, devising surveys and tapping into industry expertise must, of necessity, be done independently. Recognising that the issues faced by companies and industries are changing every day, an increasing number of thesis topics inevitably focus on these new complexities.

That can see research on subjects associated with e-commerce, IT security, managing human resources in a changing workplace, raising capital, and how to compete in fast-moving global markets.

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It goes without saying that our professors have extensive global expertise and in-depth knowledge of China, and they constantly collaborate with researchers around the world to bring new ideas and practices into the programme. In essence, the programme is designed for senior executives and management professionals who want to make a significant contribution in terms of practice and policy. It combines the coursework of the first year with a range of seminars, workshops and written assignments before students move on to the research phase, which entails an individual project guided by a supervisor.

This comes after candidates have completed a set of assessed research proposals. The minimum time required is three years, but that can be extended if necessary. The final dissertation should be in the form of a research paper, suitable for publication, which is also submitted for external examination.

And, while given scope to study a specialist subject within the general framework of organisation and management, future graduates are expected to make a useful contribution to the fields of leadership, change management or process improvement. Students are asked to develop a concrete business proposal around one of these two topics that is consistent with the brand DNA. Download brochure. Contact us. Master's programs Luxury Certificate Luxury Certificate. Master in Management. MSc International Finance. MSc Managerial and Financial Economics.

MSc Marketing. MSc Strategic Management. MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation. Visiting students Exchange program. Free mover program. Certificates Data for Management. Digital Entrepreneurship. Digital Transformation.