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For horn tutors, like my friend Gordon Carr, who began teaching right at the beginning, and myself, who began at the start of the second term, there was plenty of time to teach a properly structured and progressive warm-up, embouchure exercises, comprehensive practice of scales and arpeggios, as well as studying the horn repertoire, sonatas, concertos, and a big range of studies as well.

There was also usually time to play horn duets,. What fun it all was! Peter Fletcher managed to provide a generous remuneration for tutors, and so managed to attract many of the very best instrumentalists of the day from the Symphony Orchestras, Opera Houses, and recording studios of.

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London, to come to CYM to teach. In addition to individual lessons, students had opportunities to play in ensembles small and large, a wind band and string orchestra, as well as singing in choirs, and have music theory classes. The CYM format, as envisaged by Peter Fletcher, was enormously successful and doubled in size in the first few years; many students in those early times went on to music college, and the format was widely copied both in the UK and overseas.

It was hoped that all the Boroughs would continue to pay for their students to study at CYM, but while some did, others did not. Peter Fletcher CYM, and to organise payroll and administration. However, as money became ever more scarce, it was no longer possible to offer free tuition, and CYM suddenly got a lot smaller. There were many fewer students and fewer students who achieved a high standard instrumentally.

Though, over time, things slowly improved. Through the dedication and hard work and many extra hours given by its current administrators, CYM is once more a highly successful school, now looking forward to celebrating its 50th birthday in a couple of years. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be a tutor at CYM for 47 years, and, of course, I will miss the pleasure of seeing my pupils progress from week to week. Good luck for the next 50 years! Crystal Chan was the soloist in the performance. Their performance was really upbeat and set the scene for Clover Bigmore, who was next, to play Take Five accompanied by Max Rowlands.

Other items had a more Romantic. Continuing the dance like theme Oliver Cripps really captured the style and shape of the piece with his trumpet performance of Tiko-Tiko by Abreu. He made such excellent progress with the horn here at CYM that he decided to have an extra year here at CYM and then audition for musical colleges and see what happened. The results of all his auditions were positive and he decided.

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It changed how I think about recorders forever in a good way! Rose Jenns: It was a great experience. I particularly enjoyed playing with Palisander. They make playing the recorder really interesting and fun! Anya Nanning Ramamurthy: Having the opportunity to hear about the life of professional musicians and the variety of opportunities that come with it was really inspiring. It was also really informative to learn about the different jobs they have to do other than performing as part of having their own ensemble. Furthermore, seeing such a lively and exciting performance was fantastic, and inspiring!

I was so glad and happy that I play the recorder. It features music spanning years, performed largely from memory, on recorders from 6 inches to 6 feet tall! Palisander is currently touring this project across the country, with support from Arts Council England. She retained the Millennium Cup for a recital class, performing on three instruments recorder, piano and oboe.

Lilia also won a prize for her piano recital. Congratulations to Octavia Mackie, who was awarded a Distinction for her Grade 6 recorder exam. She has also enjoyed several competition successes this term; at the Reigate and Redhill Festival, Octavia won the Under 10 unaccompanied solo, Under 11 accompanied solo and the open sonata class and received 2nd prize in the Under 13 recital. At Godalming Festival, Octavia won the under 11 recorder solo and under 11 woodwind on recorder, as well as a prize for her clarinet performance.

The quartet presented a fascinating insight into the wide variety of musical styles in their repertoire and the variety of instruments at their disposal on which to play that repertoire. I am sure that all our CYM recorder players, from our very youngest PYP students through to the most experienced ones learnt a great deal about what they can all aspire to on their instrument.

Palisander took it in turns to speak eloquently and humorously about the instruments and the music. The group performed all the pieces from memory and also demonstrated some impressive choreography too! It was great to end the session with all the CYM players and the members of Palisander playing together in a special arrangement of music by Susato. A very inspiring occasion for everyone. He flew in from Germany in the morning arriving in time for the lunchtime trombone concert and masterclass.

He began by introducing himself and then played an incredibly demanding unaccompanied piece called Doolallynastics: A Brief Torture for Trombone by Brian Lynn, written to demonstrate the versatility of the trombone, with lots of contrasting styles and sounds. Each student played their piece and were given technical and musical guidelines and comments from Peter. His playing was inspiring and the way in which he talked made him immediately approachable for the students putting them at ease.

Some of the other key helpful comments Peter made to the students were: Work at making breathing efficient with the aim not to lose the musical line. To help with this, remember to play long notes right to the end to build intensity.

Mozart: Piano Trio in C major, KV548 - I.

Be conscious of taking air in and releasing it all. Lifting the instrument up is important so that you are not playing to the floor. He talked about nerves when performing in front of other people and encouraged everyone to have a simple outlook and just enjoy what they are doing. He explained to the students that nobody wants to hear anything other than you playing to the best of your ability, and above all loving what you do. No performance is perfect, but your audience are willing it to be, so remember that and enjoy it!

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Peter went on to say that when you are playing in a concert the practice has already been done so there is nothing more to do, just concentrate on expressing yourself. Every student and member of the audience gained a great deal from the masterclass and it really was a privilege to have a musician of such world-class calibre perform for us and be so gracious and encouraging to the students here at CYM. What impact will this make on your own playing? Have learnt how to follow the conductor and not fall out of time whilst playing with a group…help with posture…focus on articulation.

Her recital was totally awe-inspiring. Her programme included some music written specifically for harp and some arranged for harp. She was gentle and encouraging with the students.

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  5. Her main points concerned breathing, bringing out bass lines and working with more flexibility in the wrists. Here is a report from one of the CYM harpists:. She gained diplomas in harp and piano at the Conservatoire de Marseille. I was waiting for something like this and I wasn't disappointed when this great opportunity came along.

    In addition to this, the masterclass was really fun since her personality is also perfect.

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    That day made a great impact on my playing. I will be sure to remember all the useful comments she made and try to be more emotionally attached to the instrument from now on. I learned a lot and I think everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Last term went so quickly. The young performers chosen for each evening once again showed off the quality and breadth of music making offered at CYM.

    The sale of refreshments at these, and many more CYM concerts over the last few years, has been seamlessly organised by Vice Chair Sarah Parish, in addition to her role as chief Canteen purchaser. This Summer her son Freddy will leave CYM after his A levels and on behalf of all the Friends I want to thank Sarah for her amazing commitment over many years, especially as much of her work has been hidden from sight. Students: we will miss you! Your parents and the wider FCYM family have watched you grow in confidence, commitment and skills because of the work of your dedicated tutors and the ethos of the Centre.

    And your hard work, fine musicianship and demonstration of the joys of shared endeavour have been much appreciated by the Friends at many CYM lunchtime and public concerts! Good luck with your next steps.

    Piano Trio No. 5 C Major KV548 - Violin Sheet Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    And to your parents in particular, many of whom have been loyal and active members of the Friends, thank you so much for your support, whether of time, resources or donations. I am delighted to report that Dagmar Morton, who has taken over the running of the Friends Canteen at Notre Dame this year, is making the whole process look seamless, and has already involved a number of new parent volunteers this term. We are always on the lookout for new team members: please look out for her on a Saturday, or any of us, if you think you can help. Many people think that the commitment is weekly: however, all we ask is for an offer of a contribution once or twice a term — of a shift at the counter, a batch of homemade cakes, or of sandwiches.

    Whatever you feel you can help with. Although the Canteen continues to be our most constant activity, bringing us in a small regular profit, we are always open to offers of help with new, one-off fundraising ideas and activities, so do come forward with any new thoughts. An amazing result for a single Saturday sale! Thanks so much to both. However, the Friends do so much more than simply fundraise.

    So do come and talk to any of us with your ideas when you see us. Or come to the termly meetings, which we publicise via the CYM office. As you know, in CYM will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. If you are in contact with ex-parents who played an active role in the Friends please keep an eye out for further information to share with them. We also need accessories such as cases, covers, bows, etc. Whenever possible we try. Ask us! Any time! This is a permanent FCYM scheme.

    The Friday performance on April 19th was repeated on Sunday afternoon April.

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