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None of the writings of the Sadducees has survived, so the little we know about them comes from their Pharisaic opponents. These two "parties" served in the Great Sanhedrin , a kind of Jewish Supreme Court made up of 71 members whose responsibility was to interpret civil and religious laws. A third faction, the Essenes , emerged out of disgust with the other two. This sect believed the others had corrupted the city and the Temple.

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They moved out of Jerusalem and lived a monastic life in the desert, adopting strict dietary laws and a commitment to celibacy. The Essenes are particularly interesting to scholars because they are believed to be an offshoot of the group that lived in Qumran , near the Dead Sea. In , a Bedouin shepherd stumbled into a cave containing various ancient artifacts and jars containing manuscripts describing the beliefs of the sect and events of the time. The most important documents, often only parchment fragments that had to be meticulously restored, were the earliest known copies of the Old Testament.

The similarity of the substance of the material found in the scrolls to that in the modern scriptures has confirmed the authenticity of the Bible used today. Sources : Mitchell G. Chart courtesy of Prof. Eliezer Segal.

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Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library. Jewish Links to the Holy Land. Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. Academies in Babylonia and Erez Israel. Jews of the Middle East. The Administration of Judaea. After the Exile. Judges of Israel. Phoenicia, Phoenicians.


The Age of the Patriarchs. Kedemites or Easterners. Akkadian Language. Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire. Kings of Israel. Polish Literature. Kings of Judah. Portraits of Jews. Two Kingdoms. Practice and Procedure. Ancient Jewish Cities. The Land of the Hebrews. Architecture and Architects. The Ark of the Covenant. Leather Industry and Trade. Sefer Raza Rabba. Laws Affecting Jews CE. Baal Worship. Barcelona, Disputation of. Lydia, Lydian.

The Return to Zion. Shimon Bar-Kochba. Bar Kochba Revolt.

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    Rulers of the Ancient Middle East. Sibyl and Sibylline Oracles. Chronicles of the Kings of Israel. Also from the root word of scarlet comes the word for worm. He is earthy. But, redeemed by the pure and precious blood of Messiah, our life is in the Spirit. Purple reminds us of Jesus because He is the King of kings and He lives and rules in the hearts of those who are His. However the sacrifices are no longer required because He was the lamb of God that took away the sin of the world.

    John White: Due to its purity of light and color, white represents our clean linen garments of righteousness — the garments of salvation, as we prepare ourselves as His Bride to be clothed in the appropriate wedding garment. White is the presence of all the light in the visible spectrum. Only a very small amount of the visible spectrum is absorbed. Fully light and without stain, the color white reminds us of the righteousness of Messiah. He is pure light and pure righteousness and when a sinner comes to Him in faith He washes them clean.

    To these four colors was added gold. In ancient days, kings, pharaohs, and noblemen were adorned with gold to signify their high position. King Solomon had an ivory throne overlaid with the best gold 1 Kings When instructions were given for building the furniture in the Tabernacle, God was very specific about the use of gold. Every piece of furniture pointed to Christ and to His deity.

    The mercy seat was pure gold as well as the two cherubim, one on each side with wings outstretched Exodus Even in the color order there is a secret — a hidden message. Before Messiah was born to live in a human body, He was fully God, or you could say fully blue — coming from the realm of the heavens, hashamayim. Human beings, are often referred to as being red blooded. As the scripture 1Cor. We as believers, start out fully red of the earthly realm , accept the fully blue Messiahs heavenly realm , and then we also become purple , royalty like Messiah as children of the King of kings…… His purple people.

    The scarlet or crimson worm is of a family of insects that live on oak trees. Only the Blood of Messiah can remove a permanent colorfast stain of sin. It originally referred to the color of the kermes dye produced from an insect, Kermes vermilio, from where we get our word vermillion ; but the name is now sometimes also used as a generic term for slightly bluish-red colors that are between red and rose.

    The lineage recorded in Matthew proves his rightful, kingly claim to the throne of His father, King David. Red is the color for Marks gospel. Here, Messiah is most often referred to as the suffering servant. The ox was used as a servant — a beast of burden, as well as a sacrificial animal. In Marks account,there is no genealogy here probably because the lineage or pedigree of a servant is not necessary. The Temple veil with depiction of the four gospels.

    The reason for the portrayal as a man may be because its easy to get caught up in His Divinity, Holiness, majesty and might, that we sometimes forget that He is also fully human, with human emotions and human sympathies. The scriptures record in Isaiah that He was brutalized so badly by the sadistic Roman soldiers, that He was not even recognizable as human. All the remaining copious amounts of gold throughout the tabernacle was Beaten and hammered into shape, it was all fashioned in the same way. Performing miracles, overcoming impossible obstacles and raising the dead.

    As the fulfillment drew close as Yeshua prepared Himself to be the instrument of the actual joining, they mocked and beat Him and pressed a thorny crown into His head. Behold the man! Here is the man! And they led Him out to crucify Him. For example, dark scarlet is very similar to darker purple. In the condition of poor lighting, the distinction is even less apparent since the colors would appear darker.

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    So, it could simply be that the robe was a dark color that could have been accurately described by either word. Marcus Aurelius would have worn similar to this. The very fact that purple was an expensive color made it affordable only to the royals. That Jesus was made to put it on before his crucifixion, implies that the Romans were sending a strong signal to the Jews against any coup.

    It is full of significance. The symbolism of not just the purple, but all four colors of the robe viewed in the Gospel accounts from points of view. S o we see Messiah clothed in the same, although the two purples refer to the blue and the purple; the word, gorgeous, may be translated white, like white linen.

    The Blue Messiah's Scribe by J.I. Wells

    So, the color purple may have also related to royalty, but the primary point was to show Christ came in the flesh. There are of course the usual Skeptics who maintain that a contradiction exists between the Gospel accounts because they describe the color of the robe differently.

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    These differences have lead some to believe and advocate that the writers wrote under their own power with no help from a Higher Being, and thus they contradicted one another in their narratives. There is however, a valid explanation for the differences in the Gospel narratives concerning the robe placed upon Messiah after His scourging. It is not uncommon that we all see colors a little differently. There are people who are color blind and do not see the true color at all.

    What one person calls blue, someone else may be more specific and call navy blue. A military uniform color may appear to some as dark red, but others who sees the faded uniforms for the first time at the end of a conflict may conclude that the color is more maroon. Another e. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John simply wrote from different perspectives.