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This is a surprising rocky track with a fine soaring electric guitar and some accents on Fender Rhodes electric piano. Deja Vu did only one great! He started making music in the early s. Between and he wrote somewhere between fifty and hundred songs, none of these ever released or published. For his electronic music, Peter started writing concepts, the first called "Chemistry" he works at the chemistry-department of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , written between August and November Other concepts or tapes, since he later dropped the thematic approach, but gathered the various tracks under the title of a tape were "Time" December June , "Steffi Graf" June - January , "Considerations" February - July , "Reconsiderations" August - December , "Sailing 95" September , this is a video soundtrack and "ONCS 97" May , another video soundtrack.

Besides these tapes, various songs were written, that didn t fit in the aforementioned tapes.

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The only track of his solo-work to be actually released since none of the tapes was released commercially was "End of an era", which appeared on the compilation CD "Threads", a CD featuring 11 composers from around the world, all subscribers to the Internet-Vangelis mailinglist "Direct". Besides his solo-work, Peter also collaborated with others like Leon Pothuizen several tapes: "Frightmare" November - February , "Van die dingen voor in de koelkast" February - October and "Private parts" December - January and Lothar Knijper. Delain take their inspiration from the very same source and mould their songs into alike sounding material.

The music seems to be keyboardoriented and in the chamber-rock vein of Art Zoyd and Univers Zero. CD French jazz-rock with H. The music played was highly improvisational and apart from singing, Peter also played keyboard though badly as he admits himself , flute and a bit of drums. This, however, never came to be. In the band reformed and played some gigs a. Later tracks luckily are in a fine, typical Italian prog direction and may play many a progfan. At some moments Delirum delivers jazzy sounding parts with swinging piano and bas.

Most of the 13 compositions contain great work on guitar and saxophone and of course, in the tradition of the s, we hear soli on drums and bass. I am impressed by this legendary Italian progrock band, this is a good live album with outstanding work on guitar, flute and sax in a captivating progressive blend of rock and folk, just like their main inspiration Jethro Tull.

Listening to this new album is listening to the best elements of their s albums but at a higher level. To me the compositions sound more mature, more elaborate and more captivating, thanks to their experience over all the years. Also interesting is the use of a string quartet in some songs and I am very pleased with the Italian vocals. They played music between blues rock and psychedelic rock and foreshadowed some of the Canterbury sound.

Their debut mini-album was mastered by Joost van den Broek keyboardist of Sun Caged. Other musicians involved are Jewgeny Wasinger guitars and Paul Zeran vocals. Composer and guitarist Fred Leduc used to write for and play with acclaimed Australian progressive metal band Vaudervihl. He has been studying music at La Trobe University, has a certificate in jazz performance at Tafe-level and worked as a recording engineer for Northern Metropolitan Tafe and other productions.

Gino Saracino is a pretty wellknown session musician and played with many bands playing both covers and original music in the Melbourne scene. The debut was received extremely well all over the world. A second album was said to be in the preparational stages. They play a great mixture of progressive rock with jazz-rock fusion and some heavier touches although nowhere near progmetal to spice it up. Most of the CD is instrumental. Vocals and narrations are used, but rather as effects - adding to the music and mood - than to tell a story, although judging by the linernotes and the covertext, there s a meaning in at least some of the songs.

But what really matters most of course, is the music and I ll say it once more: the music is superb. People who like bands like The Mathematicians or other prog-rocking jazz-rockers must definitely give this CD a try. Believe me, you ll love it! Quite varied and with influences from bands like Yes, s Genesis, mids King Crimson, Kansas and more. Drawback of the all-instrumental orientation is that one may run the danger losing concentration, especially since there is a quite demanding level of bombast and complexity, which makes the music quite tiresome.

At times I have to think about the band as a s influenced version of Mastermind - the early albums of that group had the same effect on me and I like them both, even though I have at times trouble keeping my attention. This progressive rock band with female lead singer mixed modern and vintage styles. CD Japanese psychedelic progressive rock. LP American musician between instrumental symphonic progressive and new age. The discography listed below is probably incomplete. Overall very symphonic with a clear electronic touch in the sound department.

CD French new art-rock group in the line of Porcupine Tree. Funnily no-one seems to bother these days about oodles of bands that straddle around in the direction of Porcupine Tree or about the fact that Mr. Wilson himself is doing exactly that with several side projects. Same story here: Demians are a PT. Of good quality level. Nothing more, but nothing less either. Maybe a bit too enthusiastic reviews in some magazines?

And lack of originality? But good music anyway. Shortly after the recording of this fourth album, guitarist Spooner tragically died. The rest of the band decided to continue in an ever changing line-up, leaving singer Hill as the only remaining original member at last. The symphonic element is underlined by the every now and then pretty bombastic keyboards, but the ROCK part is even more important and goes down very well. Good stuff for fans of the heavier side of prog. A great discovery for me! On the second album, the band was reduced to a trio of Fortmann, Nuesch and Thoman.

LP Yugoslavian progressive jazz-rock group. He also had played with Arkham in and then became second drummer in Magma for a few months before forming Univers Zero. Dennis only lasted for a short while. After a few months this group folded again and Bohn formed Bandstand. She gained fame as being an early member of Fairport Convention, but soon left this band to further pursue a solocareer and to start her own band Fotheringay.

Later she rejoined Fairport for a while and also collaborated with The Strawbs on an album. She sadly died in Anyway, this LP brings exquisite vocals and exciting instrumentation showing that it truly was Sandy who set the standards in this genre. Really good, despite some vaiations in sound quality. Casual listeners should stick to the more commonly available work by Sandy. Elseway: very, very average.

Franck hailed from Quebec and served as arranger and guest musician on several albums. Before that he also worked with renowned Canadian musician Jean-Pierre Ferland. Most of these continued together as Contraction. Franck did not have the chance to fully develop his musical vision, as unfortunately he did not have a long and fruitful career although he was a promising musician. Their first album launched by this label - a philosophic-literary concept describing a spiritual journey through one initial night - was scheduled for November CD US progressive power metal.

Musically they blend complex progressive rock, jazz-rock, vocals in Latin and Italian and hints of RIO and avant-garde. They contributed one track to compilation "Fafnir" CD, , Kaliphonia. This album also presented a new keyboardist, Fabrizio Puglisi. The singer sounds like the Italian brother of Damian Wilson and a Kansas-like violin sets great accents I probably should compare it to PFM since the violin often sounds quite different than Kansas.

There is a couple of pretty experimental moments to be found, but for the greater part we get a very complex kind of symphonic prog with influences from Gentle Giant and the great Italian prog tradition. Strongly rooted in complex s prog some names that come to mind, while never being too obvious an influence: ELP, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, etc.

Sometimes the vocals seem to be a bit too dominant and get slightly annoying, but in general really good and mindprovoking. In his childhood and teens, Deuter taught himself to play various instruments like flute, guitars, harmonica, but he first found employment outside music, since Deuter started as a graphic designer and columnist for newspapers in the s, but a long trip to Persia in would drastically change his life, waking his passion for oriental ethnic music and religions.

When he returned to Germany, he started performing as a solo-artist and recording albums, first a bit rockier, like his debut with wild distorted guitars and a hefty Raga basis. From his second LP on, however, his music gradually became more new age. In Deuter also took part in the Maschine Nr. For several years, Deuter lived in Poona, India with the Bhagwan. Doctor inspired by a movie by US director Tom Browning. Maybe comparable to The Enid in its better moments, but then after 5 minutes comes the twisted voice that will haunt us on all albums to come.

This then flows into a heavy rocking part and a guitar line that would have done well with Marillion. And so the music shifts between various styles and 66 minutes turn out to go very quickly. In comparison to later discs the variation is a bit more moderate than on later work and the disc is a bit more cvlassically oriented still.

Hurdy Gurdy CD, ? Again there is a classical opening followed by manic whispered death vocals which then leads into a part with some fine alternating singing voices and an uptempo piece that is in folky prog direction. The foly touch comes from the violin that is used frequently throughout the album. This might be the best place to start with Devil Doll, being their most symphonic prog like album and probably the most accessible too.

A bizarre and unique mixture of zillions of styles: totally over the top and often bombastic, combining soundtrack-like work, opera, church organ, metal, classical music, church choirs, symphonic prog, strange tormented vocals and screams, sound effects and more. Very, very special and the most diverse from DD. Again we have a great array of styles, yet possibly a tad more streamlined and less extreme this time with Devil Doll moving seamlessly and fluently from progressive rock into soundtrack, to opera and classical music, progmetal and creepy spoken voice parts.

Aitor is also involved in local bands like Horthy and Merak Later work tends into a more songbased approach. He was one of the main members of Styx. DeYoung also had a solo career, which did on most albums not differ very much from his band work yet slightly accessible and poppier. During the first year they called themselves Illusion, then the band was renamed to Deyss a word without meaning, they just liked the sound of it. In the first years the line-up changed frequently but starting it became more stable and the band built an instrumental only livereputation.

One year later they start recording their first album which was heavily influenced by Genesis and Marillion with guest musicains on vocals and drums. After that drummer. AR CD, ?

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Ursiny: guitars, vocals Czechoslovakian group. Listening to the album several times made me realize that the band sounds very much like Dream Theater and Symphony X. Their singer has a very strong voice which sometimes reminded me of David Coverdale. The musicians are very capable of playing strong progmetal. It was recorded in January of the band being still a four-piece without Holmin. Andersson later went to Kaipa while Strandberg did solo work. His solo-album is more folk-oriented. Stylistic not unlike the first album by Aera.

The band unfortunately called it a day in the summer of after being active for some nine years. Instead of back to the roots, guitar oriented, they would have introduced fusion and even some funky influences. This all together this debut one of the freshest and most refreshing releases I have heard recently. Cornelius: drums German heavy progressive with influences of Black Widow and Black Sabbath also in their mostly occult lyrics. Reputedly Manfred von Bohr of Birth Control was a member for some time, starting his career in this band.

Very forgattable, this piece. Guest on this LP was famous percussionist Trilok Gurtu. The second album was released soon after with a more jazzy approach. Guest musicians on this one were Fritz Hauser drums, percussion and Regi Sager vocals. Many musicians on this album later appeared in Snowball.

Linda Fields and Jackie Diez appeared on backing vocals. Later Mirrors became more or less a proper group with J. Featured on this compilation was still their original guitarist Ton Lodders. In a demo followed. The recordings for their first album took two years starting , but the record company decided not to release it, because they were afraid it would be not commercially successful.

They pushed the band to write a commercial single, which Differences tried twice, but the material was rejected both times. At that point the band was totally fed up with the record company and decided to buy the recordings back. Soon after that they released in the album in association with Boudisque in Amsterdam. Due to these problems, the band had to slow down things a little bit. They started to write music for documentaries and the like for some years, to finance their music and a studio of their own.

Although there was talk of another album, things somehow went wrong rumors tell about arguments between the members and somehow things went very quiet for many years. Ardie Westdijk later appeared in Maryson. Never regretted it. Fine symphonic prog with a strong influence from Genesis and lots of widdly keys and guitar excursions. And although I still maintain this opinion I also have to conclude - listening to the CD again after 15 years - that it does contain some very fine music.

Mordlauf - Christine Lehmann (Grusel, Krimi, Hörspiel) German CREEPYPASTA

After only this well received album, things became quiet until Damon Shulman presented a new work in Well this 3-piece outfitare aided by several guests on classical instruments and delve in the wonderful world of sonics not unlike King Crimson. Dificil Equilibrio however has incorporated plenty of other influences in their music. There is a distinct jazz-rock feel to plenty of tracks whilst the acoustic elements also bring a broader scope to the music giving it an almost classical sometimes chamber music feel. The album is heavy on the percussives especially adding a Latin flavor to some of the pieces, add to that some female chanting and the only thing missing is that pina-colada.

So to summarize a pleasant album that brings some of that Spanish vibe to your homes. Very well done, by the way. Focal point on this album is the sparkling keyboard playing, beautifully integrated within the many changing climates. In the band partly reunited for some gigs. Not your ordinary prog album, but progressive in a litteral sense it is. They started in by guitar player David Quicho. Great dynamic playing, good and interesting songs structures - I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately after a couple of songs I notice that the singer is quite moderate and the songs themselves get a little less exciting.

All in all a moderate to good debut CD from a band to watch out for in the future. They came together to play music as early as and in they changed their name into Dimension X. Not my cup of tea. It is filled with metal riffs, piano parts, quiet passages, nasal vocals and lots of rhythm changes, making it a very complex, inaccessible song. The last two tracks are again prog rock oriented songs. Not a bad album, but the sound quality leaves much to be desired and also the compositions are a bit chaotic and not really original. CD Swedish progressive rock band, reputedly influenced by Genesis.

Charly drums , Raoul Walton bass , Bodo Staiger slide guitar and some Spinello on guitars and mandolin. Later he tried to revive Neu! Klaus died 21 March of heart failure, aged Thomas Dinger died 8 April In the mids, he was the guitar player and singer of the cover group Los Gatos not to be confused with the Argentinian band of the same name.

LP Apparently a progressive rock band from the Phillipines! No more info at the moment. LP Canadian group from Montreal where they were formed in They were among the first Franco-Canadian groups, playing organ led heavy progressive rock with bluesy influences. They released a few albums in the early s. In the band then went through some changes in line-up and changed their musical style into a more symphonic one.

The band dissolved in the early s, but came back together in for some gigs. The reformed group also rerecorded some of the old material, which appeared on a CD, and then broke up again. The 7 compositions 45 minutes contain two different climates: slow and bombastic like early Marillion and mid-Pink Floyd and straight mid-tempo like many Brazilian and Italian neo-progrock bands.

The sound of the keyboards is great with lots of choirs and bombastic eruptions. Overall a bit predictable music, but very tasteful. But, alas, quickly the band turns towards extreme and quickly the bearable Japanese vocals turn grunt, growl and even worse scream, providing a MAJOR turn-off. He acquired new equipment during the year and with two guest guitarists he recorded a tape. After this release he set on finding other musicians to form a proper band line-up.

They would be soon joined by coleagues Matthew Kennedy bass and Paul Dzendzel drums. Around the time there was also the release of a live VHS video , registering a May concert at Norway. In his place, Matthew Parmenter had to play all the keyboard parts. He also played some extra alto saxophones on the recordings. This change of line up was reflected in the music. The songs became longer, three of them are over 15 minutes long. Two years later, Discipline released their first live album compromising material from both studio albums. King Crimson and Genesis. I loved all the 4 songs from the start.

I would call this album a real masterpiece. I would say just buy them both. The CD was released on a very small Italian label. The band has English vocals. The album was released internationally and as a special Japanese version with one bonus track. Apart from this there is a tendency for some heavy rocking that could be defined as progmetal with a twist. A wide array of instruments also graces the album, which include some traditional instruments.

With exotic bands like this vocals are usually an aspect of importance. All other members also participate and this sometimes works like the almost grunts and sometimes almost not. At one point you are listening to UK whilst the next you think Dream Theater has made a decent composition again. As said before this album rocks with a capital R and takes you on a roller coaster ride from bombastic symphonic rock through King Crimson-like quirks to traditional Indonesian music.

Besides the LP also some private cassettes appeared under this name, recorded by Embryo-members with other musicians on tour in the Middle East. Present were this time Manfred Schoof, Bunka, T. And I miss it badly! Avoid, unless you like Arabic music a lot. CD digipack. They performed with Lady Lake in early CD Female fronted bombastic prog act with classical and progmetal influences. Lots of concerts followed in the next two years, including two dates with exGentle Giant Gary Green as guest artist.

The music also evokes Gentle Giant and Camel. Strong points are the interplay between the guitarist and the keyboard player, the passionate vocals with theatrical undertones and the captivating shifting moods. Their sound is fresh and dynamic, unfortunately Divae turned out to be another promising Italian one shot band. Musicially the album treats us on delicious symphonic prog of the Italian kind with lush melodies, vintage keyboards and emotional singing in Italian. A great disc and a minor must for sympho prog fans.

They were founded in the town of Brekstad. Their debut was kind of a rock opera. The music is indeed very varied and put into the context of a rock opera. The vocals are a bit average progmetal like Geoff Tate inspired , but sometimes they venture a bit too much into simple shouting. One merit of the band is that they know how to hold back and not just show off all the time. They were founded by singer and main composer Danny. This would remain their only release for a long time as the group folded soon after, and the LP became a cult-tip. A follow-up, however, appeared in Trivia: Danny Malone is a left handed guitar player.

In , he helped out another left handed player, by selling him some guitars. Both went to study music at the University of Miami Morse, by the way, had been sent from school for refusing to cut his hair , where they formed Dixie Dregs in with some other trained musicians.

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This band showed influences from country, folk, jazz-rock, classical music and prog. With help from the university it was actually a class project they recorded and released their debut independently in a really small edition. The band started to play the club circuit and doing some small tours. This album was also welcomed enthusiastically by the press. Parrish however left quicky and T. Lavitz filled up the vacancy in With him, they gained much positive response at the Montreux Jazz festival of that year.

The music had meanwhile become more rock-oriented and there were less country influences. Later Morse joined Kansas and Morgenstein melodic metal band Winger. A power-failure during a Dregs gig gave birth to the Rudess Morgenstein Project side project by drummer Morgenstein and new keyboardist Jordan Rudess. The playing is virtuose, yet the skilled musicians make it sound so extremely effortless, easy and loose.

A pleasure. These are albums that I barely can stop listening, just hit replay. This one is maybe a tad heavier. Alas it proved that the vocal songs lack that special Dregs touch and vibe and are nice, yet nothing really special. And overall this could be a description of the album: good music, but lacking that certain Dregs sparkle due to the fact that the sound appears to have been mainstreamed Orford what have you done here?! A combination that sounds odd on paper, but works extremely well when played by these guys. The violin player has a major role on this disc and he is largely responsible for the country touch on this disc with his fiddling.

The 2 CDs contain a concert by Dixie Dregs. The title above is a quote from Electronic Musician magazine, people who went on to explore the remarkable Californian. This album I hold in high respect to the current day. Founding member Gayle Ellett was so kind to comment on the band in general and their entire back catalogue in particular. We formed this group in order to focus on complex, driving, spacey music without vocals, so there would be plenty of room for us to stretch out as players, and not be in the background behind a singer.

For the first two years we only played improvised music. This really helped us learn to listen and play together as a whole cohesive group, not a collection of individual members. We play highly self-indulgent music not limited to any particular style. Art rock is not a sound or a style, but rather an intent of the composers to create music as fine art, not as a commodity for sale. This non-commercial attitude has actually helped us commercially in sales, because we stand out from the crowd as a unique group. This broad approach to music gives us a lot of freedom to explore the many different facets of modern music.

For our first 2 years together we played only totally improvised music, all rehearsals and performances were totally improvised, and this project reflects this focus. We recorded many hours of jams and put the best 3 on this hour-long cassette release. Digitally mastered, this cassette release garnered many very positive reviews throughout the world, and greatly encouraged us to continue recording, and helped spur us on our way to many future releases.

Happy Cancer were a pre-Djam Karet formation with a couple of different members. Very well received internationally, and it really encouraged us! Here we have clarified our sound and the direction we would continue to pursue to this day. Jamming sections abruptly shift into new areas, with each tune ending up somewhere different then where it started. We recorded the train sounds by running a microphone out our rehearsal window to the tracks below. A really fun album to record! No wailing guitar solos, just heavy synth washes and moaning voices, dying birds and crashing ocean waves depicting worlds of desolation and despair, civilizations long gone.

A bit like early King Crimson, this is our heaviest, most metal, CD we have released. Both were recorded during The Gulf War America was involved in at the time, and show a certain dark pessimistic quality. We then added to, and edited, these pieces of music in our studio, creating the finished tunes you find here.

It was really enjoyable to receive cool musical fragments from these guys in the mail, and then add our own particular sound to their work. Digitally recorded to 24 tracks, and 1. Very lush with many overdubs, this is considered by many to be our best all-around release. Strong grooves, and wailing solos are abundant. And more mellow electronic sections are present as well. We recorded 7 hours of jams, and put the best 1-hour here. Organ, effects, hand percussion and didgeridoo, round out the sound. All of our rehearsals start off with an hour long jam to loosen our fingers and open our minds, and this album is a natural extension of this aspect of our group.

Classic DK tunes are reworked and rearranged on this live CD. Taped effects of wind and odd sounds combine with synthesizers and electric guitar and bass, creating otherworldly environments. CD, ? The first piece opens with lengthy and slow opening, dominated by some kind of percussion over which the guitars improvise silently in the background. After something like five minutes a theme seems to crystalize out of this and the music gains momentum.

As the album slowly develops, I realize that the typical Djam Karet elements were already there in their earliest days: improvised jamming through various styles from experimental prog to psychedelic or jazzy moments. One can hear that the band has matured, though, as there is a more confident feel and direction. I agree. They do it very well.

The saxophone is often the lead instrument set against a very percussive background, angular guitar and funky bassplaying. The tunes often turn to a free form freak-out giving it a the King Crimson improvised feel of the early s. If avant-garde and jazz are your thing be sure to check this out. The CD contains, as the title indicates, a collection of remixes of pieces by Enya. That is a sure way to make me suspicious and skeptical. But not need for that this time - these versions are pretty good and even add something to the originals by making them sound quite differently while retaining recognizable elements.

Tastefully is a word to describe these instead. He studied the piano since the age of five and learned to write film-scores in Germany. This attracted the interest of several companies and Julius wrote several theme pieces for them. Each song was to reflect a different model of mobile phone! The CD was sold with a mobile phone and He enlisted many guest players to create this album.

The basis for the album however was laid by the North Hungarian Symphony Orchestra. He took care of all the keyboards himself. It is a continuous piece that takes us on a musical trip around the country of new and old Julius succeeded to create some beautiful atmospheres and texture for this journey. Shankar violin , Fernando Saunders bass and Tony Smith drums. LP British Wakeman-like keyboardist. All pieces are seperately indexed on the CD, so the listener is able to program his own version of the piece. After this, he formed a new trio with Hans Tammen and video manipulator Kurt Ralske.

Besides this, Nick took part in various other projects and wrote commissioned work. Is free jazz something you really dig? Are common song structures and melodies something you can very well do without? Well, then Doctor Nerve might just be the thing for you! On a whole I must say that I can appreciate this for a while e. NO Multi-instrumentalist, playing symphonic rock with various influences. The album is a concept with old-fashioned sounds and instruments and folk-singer Susan McKeown. Which is probably a bit unfair because the music of Dogfeet is quite okay, located somewhere between early Dire Straits and Wishbone Ash.

Sagrado leader Marcus Viana violin guested on one of the tracks of their debut album. This, of course, does not happen. Firstly because Dogma plays all instrumental music. Secondly our Scottish friend was straying on rather poppy roads at the time. This band soon split up into Hallelujah Forsey and Vincent and Passport the rest. They mixed jazz and flamenco in their music. There they teamed up with a Polish and a German musician. Musically, their sole album was a dark mixture of psychedelic and folk music.

In the early s, the LP was reissued seemingly on the same label, but it was a bootleg or pirate taken from another LP in dubious sound quality. Two legal CD-reissues have appeared so far. As the album progresses the music also turns more and more towards QR. Overall progmetal of good to very good quality. German progressive four piece that combines progressive rock with various other influences like ska and funk-metal.

Since the autumn of the band exists in the line-up, which has recorded the self-titled first album in This CD suffered of lack of promotion by the recordcompany. The guitarist later appeared in Zog, Grin and Sjako!. Formed in Pittsburgh back around CD Peruvian space rock.

In case you are wondering: Antoine and Himiko indeed were the children of former Magma bassist Bernard Paganotti. They had a sound like that of the early s. The electro-acoustic improvisation duo explores the territory between open form and structured improvisation and noise art. Secondly it suggests that the artists are just experimenting, just take some sounds, throw them in a pot and see what happens.

This may be true for some, but not for all. Donkey surely fits within this experimenting category that are just throwing sounds into a melting pot. This is far too artificial for my taste! This album might be useful if you have visitors that you prefer to leave. Success guaranteed! The music is all very mellow and has no drum beats on it. Most of it is instrumental and has certain elements which remind of Iona, but when you imagine how the music would sound without the Uillian pipes and whistles you also get the Iona sound out of the music.

If you would call this new age, I think the musicians might agree. The Austrian multi instrumentalist Gandalf also came to my mind when I played this album. The music was recorded in binaural stereo sound, which will reveal full surround sound and is designed for headphone listening. This technique involves sampling normal human hearing and rendering that information into two channels of stereo. An extra tip from your reviewer is that you should hear it with your eyes closed. Lying on a bench with a glass of wine in your hand, it certainly brings you into another world.

A relaxing world, away from the daily troubles. Is there a better way to relax? CD Progressive folk-rock from New Zealand. Remarkable is the midpart featuring The Enid-like prog delivering classical orchestrations and flowing, sensitive electric guitar work. Halfway the climate turns into dreamy with wonderful work on violin, piano and flute. The final part features a fiery and biting guitar solo, very heavy! Again the guitar play is hearder-edged, a good counterpart to the keyboards, from howling to furious.

Most of the pieces contain a pleasant climate featuring warm Italian vocals and wonderful work on the keyboards, evoking early IQ and Pendragon, mid-Genesis and Banco also because of some vocal parts. The colouring of the songs is great delivering fat synthesizer flights, sensitive piano, organ waves or howling electric guitar.

The climates often sound bombastic but also mellow or swinging, layered with great work on the keyboards and guitar, very compelling! CD Canadian group between psychedelic and progressive rock.


Sandy came from folk-prog band Solstice, while Jill Arroway was a classically trained vocalist and composer. Musically the band not surprisingly - ed. LP British jazz-rock musician. Not everything is as strong, or even finished, but Asia fans should certainly give it a try.

The track shows a bit more power, but alas the chorus is a bit flat. Fine orchestration, too. Does Geoff need the money, or what is this??? Together acceptable, but far, far from essential. A shame that the sound quality is a bit shaky. Lynne later set for for a prolific solo career. So they bought some instruments and cheap recording equipment, watched the tutorial videos that came for free with their instruments to learn how to play them, took everything to the basement of their parents home and started recording.

After they had done two songs, they decided it might be a great idea to do a remix of one of those in a dance-like version. Then miraclously someone of a record company came along who wanted to release the stuff, which they did and mailed to Background. And so I had to listen to this crap! Well thanks boys Not! And when the female chants come in, these combined with the heavy guitars make me think of a heavy version of Adiemus, which is an interesting combination, come to think of it.

Also musicwise we can compare Dr. No to this band; neo progressive music with influences of the old dinosaurs Genesis and Yes. This time the vocals and lyrics are not in the English language, but everything is sung very emotionally in Catalan. The English lyrics are included in the booklet if you want to know what they are singing about.

Three extra musicians helped them out on guitars and keyboards. The talent is present but it still has to grow. The songs are fine but not all of them reach the high level of a classic symphonic rock song, only the last two are real beauties. The other tracks are certainly worth listening to, but they have to be played more often before they do something to you.

The band released a fine album nothing more or less; hopefully their next product will be of a higher level. Other influences are probably from Pink Floyd, notably in the guitar. Quite okay if you are into neo prog, but no must. The band was formed by folk lovers and Trinity College graduates Pawle, and Booth in Dublin in late Their debut LP came out on this label in The band toured with Fotheringay and added for this drummer Neil Hopwood to the band.

This album featured a very young Gary Moore as a guest musician on lead guitar on several tracks along with Johnny Mounthay bazouki , Dave Mattacks drums of Fairport Convention , some Linus autoharp, whistle and voice , Heather Woods vocals , Andy Irvine mandolin and Brendan Shields bass as well as Johanna and Annie Xmas on vocals and harmonium. After this LP Dr. Strangely Strange fell slowly apart. Here Gary Moore once more contributed guitar and after that the band would regular annual gigs through Ireland.

Excellent stuff and the cover art ranks about the best anyway. Rumours talk about sales of only something like 70 or 80 copies. The remaining part of the pressing was apparently trashed! The music is rather amateur-ish early prog and only for die hard fans. Eduardo Clambor ex-Medianoche was a member. Remarkable is the absence of keyboards on the album. Wonderful music with strong influences from Yes and classical music check those piano parts in the sidefilling title track!

The vocals are gentle and pleasant. A high recommendation to all symphomaniacs. They were basically a duo, but played at times with an added guitarist. They never released an album, while being active, but Audio Archive did a CD with archive live recordings from a concert in London, June Unable to find a record deal, Dragonmilk folded soon and turned into a band called Tangle Wood. Good musicianship, fine cover versions and original enough to make sense. Cool stuff. They came out of a late s group called The Sunrise that recorded one single.

Recommended without any hesitation. One for the shopping list! Interesting fact is that Tickmayer, Dumars and Gadd recorded their parts in their own home studios and they were later added to the music. Not the best way to convince me normally, but then the real music kicks in with seducive female vocals, somewhere between the early Grace Slick and Jerney Kaagman.

Very sexy, psyche and shaggadelic. The music brings great, grooving psychedelic rock with blistering guitar and a tight rhythm group.

Yeah baby, yeah. The album was rereleased in through Black Moon. And, yes, the singing is very good. Not to be confused with the aforementioned US band of the same name. Later the band changed its name to RH-Factor. Not too original, but enjoyable and fodder for fans of neo prog. After the end of this band, he first had other occupations, like his. The album featured one previously unreleased Klaatu-song with all three members.

Artwork was again done by Jones. The release of the CD was celebrated with a live-appearance with a band consisting of Jamie Vernon the guy who runs Bullseye Records on bass, ex-Moving Targetz guitarist and drummer Glenn Belcher and Stacey Washington and Maureen Leeson on backing vocals. For this, they incorporated influences from nearly any style: rock, techno, progressive, classical, new age, gothic, and world music. Don had written a lot of music that he wished to add drums to.

He had met Garry many years before and was reminded of him by a colleague. This gave Don the idea to get back in touch with Garry since he needed some help with drums, producing and engineering. The two immediately clicked as they had in the past. The music and drum ideas quickly melded into some instrumentals. Then the team acquired Jozef on guitar and bass. Don decided that perhaps some vocals would give it that extra dimension. Nothing that utterly sticks to your mind, but quite enjoyable.

During their first semester they rehearsed daily and worked on original material. They spent some weeks together writing and rehearsing before returning to school. In March of , vocalist Chris Collins joined Majesty to complete the line-up. In order to pursue their musical career, no band member returned to school in the fall of that year. They recorded a demo, which was also released on CD.

While searching a new singer, Majesty was still writing material and entered the studio to record an instrumental demo also on CD. Some songs of this demo turned out to be early versions of songs of the first album, which was recorded in with new vocalist Charlie Dominici. At this time, the band had renamed itself to Dream Theater. The CD and the band were received very well as one of the most promising progressive metal acts.

But unfortunately Dream Theater lost their record deal due to problems at the record company. One is very positive and the other is not. Metropolis is a metaphor for life. It is about how they both approach things in life. Positive and negative. The positive one turned out to be a senator, successful. Many renowned drummers were invited to audition and names that passed included Marco Minnemann In December it was announced that Dream Theater would be headlining the High Voltage Festival in London in July and present there its new line-up for the first time.

Their new album shows that they are seeking for more variety in their music, but is nevertheless a strong coherent album. With Jordan Rudess on the keyboards, the band explores new musical soundscapes and in this line-up they can grow to a very high level. It is one of the best releases of Many a fan will praise DT for a return to true form as the first 50 or so minutes show a high energy fueled band. Further into the story though the progressive fan will get his treat with Floyd-like pieces. DT show they are still the true masters of prog metal.

Thank you! What these guys have come up with is something else. There are lots of details in the songs, so every time you take a listen you will discover something new. The second CD contains only one song, divided into eight sections. It features the most adventurous and diverse symphonic songs the band ever recorded. It has been integrated into a perfect Dream Theater album. The only negative point I can say about it, is that Portnoy is too present at times. They are indeed moving forward, musically speaking and I like that a lot. When playing the second CD with the 42minute title-track including a wonderful orchestra!

Interesting are also the lyrics in the third part that will do very well in pop-quizes where you have to detect as many as possible references to other bands! I especially like the closing part as I do on the original as well, by the way with its power and soul. Overall a good album. Cool cover art. Interestingly this album is the one that shows some of the strongest Rush-influences so far on 2 or 3 tracks.

Another interesting feature are the rap-vocals that appear here and there. One of their best CDs so far. Overall nothing new from DT, but that was probably the point they were trying to make, title or not. Quality as expected. The famous horror novel and movie, written and directed by Clive Barker. He not only made this, but also several other horror books. Rob Rehorst and Julian were also responsible for the production, the mix and the arrangements. Music-wise, Julian Driessen is the most important participator, since his keyboard work previously heard in several prog bands like Ywis, The Last Detail and Timelock is the framework for all 16 tracks, like if he were Ayreon on keyboards.

His talent certainly has grown after several musical productions. The two Robs hardly play an instrument on the CD. On guitars, he has help from two great players, Marco de Zeeuw and Martin Hendriks.

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Besides those mentioned instruments, also some violins and trumpets are featured. Most of the music is neo prog with a harder edge. Cleverly done! The female vocals of Jolanda, are sometimes too thin. She should try to sing more aggressively, which would definitely improve this product.

But apart from this, I can be very positive on this project. Hopefully it will develop the same way as Ayreon did. The talent is present! Musically with influences techno, electro and gothic sounds. The second album also featured after some changes in line-up D. They recorded a demo tape, which they sent to several independent record labels. Soon after, the first album was recorded, which was almost entirely played and written by the duo Vita lyrics and Helbers music. Nevertheless, Remco Helbers all of a sudden decided to leave the band in early The reasons for this are pretty much unclear, but the relation with the band is very disturbed to say at least.

Remco later appeared in Born For Bliss. This single-CD contained three tracks. Their atmospheric gothic wave music was combined with influences from ancient Mediterranean music. Also the lyrics were not just English anymore. Also French, German and old-Italian vocals were used.

Where in the past music followed a very strict pattern, now you can hear how different styles and influences are perfectly mixed without becoming forced or. A class album. Cover, booklet and disk are beautiful, the sound is crystalclear and the music is enchanting. Starting in , he became a stuntman. Dahl became the first German stuntman in the postwar era. In , Dahl found international attention. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Cochem, whose seat is in the like-named town.

Geography Location The municipality lies on the river Moselle. Beginning in , the village was a fief held by the Lords of Braunshorn. In , a Jewish community was founded, whose graveyard up above the castle still exists today. In the former parish church was endowed. After the family von Braunshorn died out, the fief passed in to the family von Winneburg. After the Electorate of Trier took over ownership of Beilstein in , it enfeoffed the Im. Paul Esser 24 April — 20 January was a German stage and television actor and voice actor. He is remembered for playing the lead role in the Sender Freies Berlin version of the detective series Tatort.

Esser was born in Geldern-Kapellen and died in Tenerife. Heinz Pehlke October 8, — March 12, was a freelance German cinematographer in film and television. In , Pehlke began attending a graphic arts school in Berlin. While there, Pehlke worked as an ass. Jacob Fidelis Ackermann 23 April — 28 October was a German professor of anatomy and surgery. After extensive research travel he was promoted to private lecturer for forensic medicine in In the university was dissolved.

Ackermann became president and first professor of a newly founded special school of medicine. In he accepted a call as professor of anatomy and chirurgy at Jena, succeeding Justus Christian Loder. In the following year, he became professor of anatomy and physiology at Heidelberg. In Heidelberg, Ackermann made himself a name as founder and developer of different institutes such as the Anatomical Theatre and the polyclinic.

At the end of the summer semester of , Ackermann traveled to his small manor in the surroundings of. View from the south Mittelstrimmig is an Ortsgemeinde — a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality — in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Zell, whose seat is in the municipality of Zell an der Mosel.

In the Rhineland-Palatinate state development plan, it is set out as a middle centre. The old town centre is found in the valley of the Simmerbach, while the newer neighbourhoods are spread over the surrounding heights. East of the town is a recreational area with a manmade lake, the Simmersee. Of interest to visitors are Simmern's value as a nature and leisure sit. Hannes Ringlstetter Johannes "Hannes" Ringlstetter born 2 June in Munich is a German kabarettist, comedian, musician, actor, TV presenter and writer of his book "Bekenntnisse" and of several short stories.

After his alternative service, he studied history and German studies at the University of Regensburg. At this time he founded the band Schinderhannes, of which he is lead singer. Furthermore, he played several roles in TV series, for example in "La. Over 56 percent of the municipal area is forest. Neighbouring communities Bad Schwalbach borders in the north on the community of Hohenstein, in the east on the town of Taunusstein, in the south on the community of Schlangenbad, and in the west on the community of Heidenrod. Life She was born in the Bavarian town of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, the daughter of a bakery helper.

Her family moved to Nuremberg, when she was three years old. She appeared in Carl Zuckmayer's play Schinderhannes. Dorsch is buried at the cemetery of Bad Saarow-Pieskow. A memorial stands at Waldfriedhof Dahlem in Berlin. Veitsrodt is an Ortsgemeinde — a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality — in the Birkenfeld district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Herrstein, whose seat is in the like-named municipality. Veitsrodt also meets the town of Idar-Oberstein elsewhere, at a single point in the southeast. This is a list of the most notable films produced in Cinema of Germany between and Missing films may be Austrian productions. A list of adventure films released in the s. It is bounded by the river valleys of the Moselle north , the Nahe south , and the Rhine east. In the north behind the Moselle it is continued by the Eifel.

To the south of the Nahe is the Palatinate region. The highest mountain is the Erbeskopf m; 2, ft. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is also located within the region. Slate is still mined in the mountains. Since 2. Henry Danvers, Earl of Danby, was outlawed in by a coroner's court for the murder of Henry Long. He went to France and joined the French army; two years later he was pardoned by Queen Elizabeth and returned to England.

In historical legal systems, an outlaw is declared as outside the protection of the law. In pre-modern societies, the criminal is withdrawn all legal protection, so that anyone is legally empowered to persecute or kill them. Outlawry was thus one of the harshest penalties in the legal system. In early Germanic law, the death penalty is conspicuously absent, and outlawing is the most extreme punishment, presumably amounting to a death sentence in practice.

The concept is known from Roman law, as the status of homo sacer, and persisted throughout the Middle Ages. In the common law of England, a "Writ of Outlawry" made the pronouncement Caput lupinum "Let his be a wolf's head", literally "May he bear a wolfish head" with respect to its subject, using "head" to refer to the entire person. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Stromberg, whose seat is in the like-named town. The 38 kilometre section south of Emmelshausen has been dismantled and has been since replaced by the Schinderhannes-Radweg cycle path.

On the 15 kilometre-long Boppard—Emmelshausen section there are regular local services operated by Rhenus Veniro as route RB As a director for three decades, he helped pioneer and significantly influenced the development of German television. In , under the Nazi regime, he was forced to emigrate to the United States on account of his Jewish background. There he worked as an actor on Broadway. Beauvais returned to Germany in [2] or [3] with the United States Army, for whom worked as an interpreter, including for the Nuremberg Trials, and as a theatre officer.

His first. Robin Hood is a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and subsequently featured in literature and film. According to legend, he was a highly skilled archer and swordsman. In some versions of the legend, he is depicted as being of noble birth, and in modern time he is sometimes depicted as having fought in the Crusades before returning to England to find his lands taken by the Sheriff.

In the oldest known versions he is instead a member of the yeoman class. Traditionally depicted dressed in Lincoln green, he is said to have robbed from the rich and given to the poor. Through retellings, additions, and variations, a body of familiar characters associated with Robin Hood has been created. These include his lover, Maid Marian, his band of outlaws, the Merry Men, and his chief opponent, the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff is often depicted as assisting Prince John in usurping the rightful but absent King Richard, to whom Robin Hood remains loyal.

His partisanship of the common people. Its current Gothic appearance dates to the early 15th century. It is so named because wood used to be piled next to it on the bank of the Rhine. It was badly damaged in World War II and accurately reconstructed in for the two-thousandth anniversary of the city. It currently houses various organisations and clubs. Historical background: the defences of Mainz Beginning in late Roman times, the city of Mainz then Mogontiacum was defended by a wall with watchtowers and city gates. Not long after , in the course of the abandonment of the Roman camp, this wall was lowered and rubble spolia from earlier construction used to enlarge and str.

Today's town of Idar-Oberstein is the product of two rounds of administrative reform, one in and the other in , which saw many municipalities amalgamated into one. The various Stadtteile have, however, retained their original identities, which, aside from the somewhat more urban character encountered in Idar and Oberstein, tend to hearken back to each centre's history as a rural village. Idar-Oberstein is known as a gemstone town, and also as a garrison town. Geography Location The town lies on the s.

It is also the seat of the like-named Verbandsgemeinde. From the name's Frankish roots it can be inferred that today's town arose on a s. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Kirchberg, whose seat is in the like-named town. From the times of the Celts, the Treveri a people of mixed Celtic and Germanic stock, from whom the Latin name for the city of Trier, Augusta Treverorum, is also derived and the Romans hav.

This is a list of notable people who were born in or associated with Mainz. He was the author of the encyclopaedia On the Nature of Things. He achieved fame for his invention of the technology of printing with movable types during It does not lie within any Verbandsgemeinde, even though it is the seat of the Verbandsgemeinde of Kirn-Land. The valley floors are heavily settled in places, whereas the steep slopes in the higher areas are mostly bare of buildings and decked with forest.