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Indihar glared at me for a few seconds, then sighed and sat on a chair facing me.

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Did you ever think of that? Not the pleasure center? Why the punishment center? Papa had it done without my knowledge. Not as long as he refused to discuss the matter of my liberty.

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I saw her shudder. Indihar reached out her hand to me, and I took it. I saw that her palm and fingers were still stained a faint yellow-orange, from the henna her friends had applied the morning of our wedding. Indihar was, of course, a widow with three children, so he had her declared an honorary virgin. Nobody laughed. It pretended to be the joining of a young virgin and a Maghrebi youth of promising fortune.

The women of both families hold her down on the bed. Indihar shrugged. When I was first married, I wept at the indignity until I heard the cheers and joy of the guests. Chiri, my not-so-silent partner, helped me select the gift in one of the expensive boutiques east of the Boulevard il-Jameel, where the Europeans shopped. It was a brooch, an emerald-encrusted lizard made of gold, with two rubies for eyes. I gave it to Indihar the morning of the wedding.

Indihar had not been well-off, even before her husband was killed. She brought to our marriage only a modest assortment of household furnishings and her meager personal belongings. In fact, the amount specified as her bride-pri Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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Compare all 3 new copies. Book Description Doubleday, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Seller Inventory M Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. The Exile Kiss. George Effinger.

Publisher: Doubleday , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. Colorado Blvd. The most interesting aspect of their Roast Chicken is that it is "stuffed," with a classic bread-based stuffing that reminds one of Thanksgiving. It's soft and moist, and comforting, and they stuff it between the Skin and the meat. The white meat is a touch dry, but the dark meat is more enjoyable, but overall, there's this muted quality about it it tastes like what you'd expect from a typical diner Roast Chicken.

While Langer's Roast Chicken isn't anything noteworthy, don't let the Roast Chicken rating detract you from trying their legendary, mouth-watering Pastrami if you haven't done so already. Closed Sundays. While I see no Chickens roasting in their oven, I quickly place an order and we sit down to wait for the food. After a few minutes and the signature "Beep! Microwaved Chicken. Wanting to give them another try, I arrive for another visit, making sure there are some other customers in the restaurant this time, and fortunately, there were 2 Chickens roasting in the oven. And the results are far better: The white meat is a touch overcooked, but mostly moist, it's tender, and their overnight marinade gives the meat a nice savoriness.

The Chicken Skin is soft and mushy, though, unfortunately. They also make their own version of a Garlic Sauce in a nod to Zankou , made with fresh Garlic and Yogurt, which results in a very smooth, pungent, fragrant Garlic Sauce that works great with the Chicken. Soumarelo has potential to deliver a solid Roast Chicken, if you're lucky to get there when they have decent turnover. If you happen to show up and see no Chickens being cooked, you might want to consider skipping out, unless you enjoy Microwaved Chicken. Rating: 5. The Chicken Breast is overcooked and dried out, and sadly, very plain.

The Leg and Thigh is moist, but the skin is severely undercooked: There are huge globules of fat deposits normally rendered away during roasting , with unappetizing, undercooked skin around the Thigh area. Overall, Reddi Chick's Roast Chicken is a safe, unevenly cooked, plain Roast Chicken, that tastes underseasoned and I enjoy light cooking. Sun, a. It's been talked about so much that all of us agreed that we had to give it a try. We ended up trying the Alhambra Costco since one of our dear SGV Hounds happened to have a membership and volunteered to pick this up for us.

Apologies for the lack of pictures: Both visits were impromptu and I didn't have my camera with me. That's pretty hard to beat. In terms of actual taste, both samplings were held quickly after purchase my SGV Hound that volunteered lives extremely close to the Costco, within minutes , so all of us got to sample it while it was "fresh.

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The Skin was a travesty, however, being sealed in those plastic containers really off-putting for me, personally , the Skin is essentially "steamed" and flabby, but the rest of the Chicken turned out to be decent. It's not something we'd go out of our way for, but given the value and flavor, it needs to be part of the conversation. Sat, a. Branch Advertising that they cook their Chicken using firewood, Pollos El Brasero was one of the places I was looking forward to the most.

There's a light smokiness present in each bite, which is appealing. And a predominant Salt and Pepper flavor coming through. There's something off about the Chicken for me , that the other Hounds aren't noticing, but we continue on and finish the meal. The white meat is overcooked and a touch dry.

The Chicken Wing is completely overcooked and inedible i. The dark meat is the most flavorful portion as expected , but overall, it just didn't grab any of us. Another visit yielded similar results Breast overcooked, Wings overcooked, etc. Rating: 6. Pico Blvd. Using a variety of "mixed firewood," according to the manager, they have a limited amount of Chickens they roast each day. A light smokiness is also evident, adding a welcome facet to their Chicken. The white meat is overcooked, but generally moist, with the dark meat being the most enjoyable aspect of this dish with a gentle Garlic and Salt wave hitting you with each bite.

The Skin is limp and flabby, but at least most of the fat has been rendered out of it. Super Pollo represents a respectable, well-seasoned, smoky Roast Chicken. A good, middle-of-the-road Peruvian-style Chicken that's worth a try if you're in the neighborhood. I still remember passing by their original Melrose location so many times in the past, always wondering if I should stop by and give it a try.

Now, I was finally getting a chance. The place was packed and remained that way throughout our visits.

With so many customers, we could see the kitchen working non-stop on making sure there were plenty of Chickens freshly roasting in the ovens. Beyond that, it's a rather simple, "fast food-ish" type operation, walk up and order at the counter, and grab a table. The Chicken Breast is moist, but there's a slightly mealy texture that adds to a "dryish" feeling. The meat is lightly salted, but just enough to make it taste "well-seasoned, but light.

Their Chicken Wings are sadly overcooked to the point of being inedible totally dried out. The Legs and Thighs are just right, retaining plenty of moisture and flavor. The one odd point about their seasonings however, was that despite the Chicken being flecked with finely chopped herbs, none of us could really taste any standouts: Mainly a clean, simple, Salt flavor coming through. And despite the wonderful golden color, the Skin was flaccid, lacking any crispness. I can definitely see the appeal of California Chicken Cafe: It's a clean, easy-to-order operation, delivering a safe, straightforward, fresh-tasting Chicken with a variety of healthy sides e.

Sat, p. Noon - p. I had never heard of it before, but after some strong recommendations, I gathered as many of my Hounds that were willing to make the drive and off we went. But then digging into the meat, we all noticed something off-tasting about it. It wasn't to the point of being inedible, but it wasn't bright; it didn't sing. The Chicken Breast is overcooked, with some edges totally dried out. The Leg was also disappointing, having an entire edge that was dried out over-exposed to the heat. The highlight was their Thigh, being extremely moist and juicy, with their spices seemingly concentrated into that area.

And thankfully, their Wing wasn't overcooked like too many other places, with a nice concentration of Chicken essence and smokiness all in a tiny bite. A special note about their Fries: If you're looking for a crispy style of Fry, you should avoid Bonano's version, unless you enjoy soft, hefty, Potato chunks that taste more like slabs of Baked Potato with no crispiness at all. There's nothing wrong with this style, just be prepared if you're ordering it. During the 3rd meal there, the Breast was completely overcooked, to the point of being really dry.

There's an intense smoke pungency that goes all the way down to the core of the bone. I enjoy good smoky BBQ, but the smokiness here got to the point that it was beyond distracting all of the Hounds who sampled it agreed. Sat - Sun, a. They then finish roasting the Chicken when orders are placed by customers. The white meat is overcooked, but still succulent enough to be enjoyable. The dark meat fares much better, still fatty and tender. But it's the delicate, fragrant notes of Thyme and Fennel in the Herbes de Provence, and the slightly crisped Skin finally, a contender that achieved this : , that make this stand out from the earlier entries.

We enter and I note that they have a stack of firewood, ready to cook their Chickens with; always a good sign. On the first visit, their Chicken Breast is extremely juicy, with strong notes of Black Pepper and Salt, and just a touch too salty. The Wing is bit overcooked, but still edible, and the Chicken Leg is also a bit overcooked. The Thigh is the lushest portion, and seasoned just right so their seasoning overall was extremely uneven.

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On another visit, the Chicken Breast is slightly overcooked and a bit on the dry side, but it still tastes fresh and bright. The dark meat is more flavorful, but the Skin is just as flabby as the first time. Sadly, during both visits, even though they use firewood to cook the Chicken, there is no perceptible smoke flavor.

I remember seeing their grill truck, with a row of tantalizing Chickens, slowly roasting. We're all pretty excited to see how much of a difference their cooking style makes on a classic Roast Chicken. The end result? It's a pretty clean, non-oily Chicken dish. This is the first Chicken so far to get a genuine, subtle herbal penetration into the Chicken meat itself and not just a surface flavor.

While the Chicken Breast is overcooked more dry than moist , the Chicken Skin is slightly crisp, which is a huge positive. The Chicken Leg is generally delicious, but there's one edge that's dried out and overcooked exposed to too much heat. The Chicken Thigh is bursting with flavor, with a firm, but supple chew, and some good notes of Oregano and Rosemary coming through.

Gourmet Grill Masters also makes their own version of a Garlic Dip , and it's quite fragrant and tastes freshly made, but after a few bites, there's just too much of a Mayo taste and it begins to feel too heavy. Rating: 7. See website for more details. Branch When a restaurant expands to more than 1 location, and they begin to build a brand, as a customer, you always hope that the experience you get at any of restaurant's locations would be the same, regardless of where you dine at.

Sadly, in the case of Zankou Chicken it's not the case, but happily they have at least one location that shines above some of their other branches: Zankou Chicken West L. While I've passed by this Zankou location many times, I had never bothered to stop by since my initial exposure to "Zankou Chicken" was from visiting my friends and trying their Anaheim and Pasadena locations.

Underwhelmed, I never felt the urge to try any other locales. What a difference a different kitchen staff makes! Our Chicken arrives, and the skin is slightly crisped, lightly salted excellent , with the white meat being overcooked, a little dry, but still retaining good moisture. Half of the Chicken Wings on each side are dried out unfortunately, but the dark meat is flavorful, slightly fatty and delicious. Follow-up visits, yield similar results at this location: The kitchen staff has a much more deft hand at seasoning than the Pasadena and Anaheim locations.

The Rotisserie Chicken has always been lightly seasoned, and tastes like a solid, basic Roast Chicken.

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A special mention of Zankou's famous and popular Garlic Spread. According to our server, it's Vegetarian and Dairy-Free. There's a real burst of Garlic flavors coming through, and it doesn't taste oily at all. It's not something I'd drive across town for, but if I'm in the area, I'd be fine stopping in for their Chicken. Sepulveda Blvd. Once inside, you're treated to a relaxed, comfortable setting, with warm browns and yellows, and glass top tables. Having been open for over 29 years! They then roast each Chicken only upon advanced order. It needs to be said again: It's crackling, crisp and just awesome.

The Leg and Thigh are much better, with the crispy Skin and juicy Thigh meat being the ultimate highlight for this dish. During my 2nd visit, a portion of the Leg was way overcooked really dried out , but otherwise, it was fine. The only other knock on Marouch is that their Chicken tastes a bit bland.

The Salt, Lemon notes are the only things that really come through, and even then, they don't really permeate deep into the meat itself. But that can be alleviated with some of their Homemade Garlic Sauce. Marouch comes close to breaking into the upper echelon of great Roast Chickens, with an amazing crackling, crisp Chicken Skin, a custom-cooked Chicken made just for you, and a fantastic Homemade Garlic Sauce. Unfortunately, the very light seasoning and overcooked bird prevents it from reaching perfection. Still, one of the better Roast Chickens I've had around town.

Closed Mondays. The result is a Chicken that's true to its name: A crackling, crispy Skin that has echoes of Fried Chicken, but also retains its Roast Chicken basis. The Skin is definitely the highlight, being very well seasoned, with a fragrant mix of spices that goes beyond the standard typical "Roast Chicken" flavors you'd expect, all with a crispy crunch.